Take me seriously,
Dedication and hard work pays off, unless you die violently…

I’m missing love forevermore, as I sit and watch the dancing scribbles squirm, ululating as they move rhythmically and in sync to the pumping techno music, as a steady drumbeat slightly tickles a filthy, distorted baseline ever so gently as a cheap analog, monophonic synthesizer from the 80s covers everything in plastic with its (once tolerated) high pitched sinus-square squeals.

oh how magnificent, these precise cuneiform inscriptions, oh yes, we could all tell that this music is considerably above the normal average tidbit. This is really impressive, such a high quality production, a definite first choice among teenagers and pop-music-lovers everywhere.
Oh, and it’s made in China.


I do appreciate what I see, believe me, I can hear the newts making a series of unpleasant and disturbing guttural noises, like a pig in a trough, suggesting flatulence or perhaps a disorientated discombobulation originating from deeper place within, lost in the dark recesses of a guilty conscience

So many days have passed, seems so very far away, the days that you and I got caught up in between,
I was hopeful and delighted by your beauty and our future, you stood covered in colored -city-lights, in the distance and under cover of a different kind of darkness, unlike anything I had seen, a slight and gentle highlight, so kindly given by the moon, midnights futile failed attempt,
to conceal this particular beauty, yes a very special girl, so pure and shining brightly,
he was drawn towards her blaze…

The sixteen summers’ floral dances,
I found a rival in myself,
former paintings and the memories I hid inside for many decades, for many years yet come, but the precious little gemstones,
and the treasured jewels were right,
and a rightful indignation,
soon became the rival in my head

I dream of a lifetime foregone in fondness, so full of life,
I’m loyal to love, and I’m almost bursting, yet I cannot slip away, from the regret and all that sadness, such a heavy burden I don’t need, i would rather want to deal with, a really nice and fresh-cool-breeze,
…on a Friday afternoon, perhaps a summertime wave of calm, winds…in the peace and quiet of the night, and with an intense and deep affection, for the people, things and feelings, thati have learned, I have lost, then once again found